Potty training is a process which takes time. Even if a kid picks-up the training quickly, you will have to make sure they remember it. There are two primary aspects of this phase. First is the potty training itself and second is the post-potty training.

Let us take a closer look at the entire potty-training journey.

What is potty-training?

Potty-training is a process wherein you train your kid to visit the loo and do away with diapers.

The potty-training process also involves specific steps, some of which are listed below:

  • Introducing them to the potty
  • Ensuring they are ready to get potty-trained
  • How to unzip or unbutton their bottom wear
  • Demonstrating how to sit on a potty-pot
  • Cleaning up after they are done with the potty
  • Washing hands and feet
  • Putting on their pants/shirts/ shorts

As simple as it sounds, the challenge is making sure your kid remembers and follows the training. That’s when the post potty training comes into play.

What is post potty-training?

Post potty-training is a process, and the time take to complete this process is different for every kid.

Here are the key points to keep in mind during the post potty-training process.

  1. Run through the entire process, again:

Even after being properly potty-trained, there are chances that your kid will forget or skip a step or two from the training. Things such as cleaning up after going to the potty or putting the seat down are somethings that most kids forget. Hence, it is suggested that parents should be around kids until they are sure that all the potty training steps are followed.


  1. Importance of cleaning-up:

While you are with your kid, take this time to explain them the importance of cleaning up after the potty process is over. Tell them why it is necessary to wash their hands. Take this time to explain them how germs work and how they can fall sick if cleanliness is not practiced well.



  1. Keep track of your kid’s bowel movement:

Although you have taught your kid to tell you when they want to pee and poop, you will still keep a close check if your kid is visiting the washroom. There are times when kids forget to go to the loo which eventually results in soiling their pants. An occasional reminder from you can help your kid and you will save you the sudden mishaps.


  1. Help them in new spaces:

This is crucial when you are traveling with a newly potty-trained kid. Unlike home, kids aren’t very comfortable in new spaces even if they have their family. It is at such time that you need to help them around new places by helping them to the bathroom or letting them know that they can come to you if they want to visit the loo.


Also, remember that the post potty-training period has no definite timeline. So, you need to be prepared for occasional incidents such as bed-wetting, pant-wetting or soiling the clothes; and handle the situation gently.