Potty training your kid isn’t a two-step process wherein you teach them how to use the potty, and they repeat it successfully. It involves various obstacles that need to be dealt with in order to potty-train your daughter or son properly.

Given below, are the three golden rules that you can follow to overcome potty training hurdles:

  1. Establish a pattern of consistency and repetition
  2. Make a note of your kid’s reactions
  3. Use words of encouragement

Let’s take a closer look at these rules to understand them better.

  1. Consistency is key

Your child can get easily distracted during the potty training process, making it difficult for him or her to remember all the instructions that you will impart. To make it easier for your child, you should maintain the same instructions for the respective step throughout the entire process. Your child will slowly and gradually start grabbing every step and sequence (meaning less chaotic training sessions). Repetition isn’t just about what your kid hears. The location where your kid is getting potty-trained also matters. To avoid confusing your kid during the initial months of their potty training, remember to keep the portable toilet at the same location or use the same bathroom for potty training. This can be extremely beneficial for making the potty sessions a habit for your child.

  1. Reactions matter

Noticing your child’s reactions and responding appropriately is an important part of the process. The more you understand your child's behavior, the better you can guide them during the training. If your child freely expresses what they feel, it will be easier to find out what bothers them and what steps you can take to deal with it. You must ensure that your child is expressive at the time of the training, for which you can talk to him/her during the experience. Questions like, “Are you ok?” or calming sentences like, “Don’t be afraid, I am here for you” can help create a more positive environment for your child. Remember to be gentle. To make potty training a more playful affair, you can be reading out stories during the process to keep your child engrossed. You can even make things playful before the potty training process begins by treating the process of buying a potty the way you’d buy a toy for your kid, letting him or her pick out the one they like. It can help create a sense of playfulness and personalisation for your child when they look at the potty.

  1. Encouragement helps

Potty training isn’t easy, especially for the little ones. Taking in all the steps and related instructions can get a bit overwhelming for your child. It is normal for your child to make mistakes, and as a parent, the best thing that you can do is to encourage their efforts. Simply using harsh words during this phase can pressurise your child or cause him to regress. Using simple words of encouragement can do wonders in developing your child’s confidence. If you see signs of your child learning from their mistakes, you can try giving out hugs to reward them for their efforts.

Applying these rules in your potty training can make for a more enjoyable and playful experience for your kid.

Happy Potty Training!