When you start potty training your kid during the day, you start wondering - when can your child stop wearing a diaper at night?

There’s no specific time but you can judge by observing. There are certain changes in behavior and habits you will need to look for.

Here’s when your kid is ready to stop wearing the diaper.

  1. Staying dry the whole day:

The night-time potty training necessarily stems from how your kid is trained in the day. So, if you notice that your kid can stay dry the entire day, it’s a sign that you can commence the potty training for the night.


  1. Less bed-wetting frequencies in the night:

When you are potty training your kid for the night-time, it is crucial that you first check the number of times your kid tends to wet the bed in the night. If the frequency is for all seven days of the week then maybe they need some more time before the night-time potty training commences.


  1. Your kid will suggest it themselves:

Some kids will voice it out to their parents if they are ready to let go of the diaper during the night. And when they do so, it’s important that you say a yes, encouragingly. It is important that your kid is in this with you.


  1. Lesser toilet trips at night:

Once you abandon the diaper or pull-up pants for your kid in the night, you will have to wake them up at regular intervals and help them to the bathroom. If the frequency of these toilet trips doesn’t reduce then perhaps your kid needs some more time. If they do, then its time you can try letting go of the diaper.

While the process of night-time potty training involves a lot of observation and patience, here are a few tips that can help you get there easily.

  • Limit the liquids:

Limiting the intake of fluids before your kid goes to bed is an easy way to get through the night time potty training efficiently. The more your kid drinks liquid in the evening or before going to be, the chances of them wetting the bed are more.


  • Potty-going before bed:

Make it a routine for your kid to visit the washroom before they go to bed. This will help them stay dry for more time in the night and will speed up the process of night-time potty training.


  • Be prepared for bed-wetting incidences:

Once you complete the night-time potty training for your kid, there are chances that your kid may wet-the bed once in a while. For such times, all you can do is be prepared. You may want to put double-layered sheets out for your kid, keep a spare blanket and chance of clothes handy. One thing to remember here is, refrain from scolding your kid for wetting the bed. Instead, assure them these incidences are natural and that you know that they won’t do it again.