Reaching Milestones: 4 years

Reaching Milestones: 4 years

Nov 14, 2020

All children have their own timetable, but as a parent, you can watch for certain developments in your 4-year-old. Celebrate with your child as they reach or near these milestones.


- Count 10 objects or more

- Able to name basic shapes

- Pay attention to a short story and answer questions about it afterwards

- Have an evolving sense of time; understand different periods of the day and seasons. Know some days of the week and have a concept of hours and minutes

- Begin to have a concept of money and currency

- Understand how some household objects function (appliances, tools)

- Show interest in particular topics (art, animals)

- Begin to learn the alphabet; start recognizing some letters

- Repeat their name and address

- Understand the difference between fantasy and reality

- Follow unrelated commands (“Bring me the book and wash your hands”)


- Able to stand on one foot for 10 seconds or longer

- Hop; tumble; tries doing somersaults

- Swing

- Climb well

- Able to skip

- Copy triangles, squares, circles

- Draw people with bodies

- Print some letters (possibly their names)

- Dress and undress themselves

- Correctly use child-safe utensils if not able to cut food

- Manage toileting


- Remember large parts of stories

- Tell stories with details

- Speak in full sentences (preferably more than five words)

- Use future tense

- Use the same grammar as their families

- Recite their name and address

- Rhyme words

- Say most sounds clearly


- Have favorite people; may have a “best friend”

- Want to please people

- Want to be like their friends

- Become more agreeable to rules

- Learn that different people have different rules

- Develop fears

- Aware of genitalia; learn about privacy

- Show curiosity about birth and death

- Show pride in accomplishments

- Become both demanding and cooperative

- Show increasing independence