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10 Healthy Kids Recipes for Complete Child Nutrition

Aug 01, 2022

It is almost like rocket science to serve healthy kid recipes every single time. We would like it to be healthful, they want something delicious. We would like to ensure the nutrients are present, they would like it to look nice.  They don't demand a lot, but we do want to provide them with minerals,  probiotics, excellent carbohydrates, and vitamins.

Children's meals should include items from a variety of food categories starting at age five so they can get the full complement of nutrients necessary for their development, growth, and overall well-being. Their diet must consist of a variety of starchy carbohydrates, fruits and veggies, as well as dairy and protein or dairy replacement items. You can prepare some of the delightful and wholesome lunch box recipes for kids listed below.

10 wholesome lunch box recipes for kids

  1. Mexican-style rice bowl

Guacamole, sour cream, coriander, lime juice, onion and fresh tomato, and rajma or black beans. This recipe is incredibly tasty and healthful. It includes everything you may need. It contains carbs, probiotics, proteins, healthy fats, and more. Add a few cooked tortilla chips if you want to give the dish some crunch. 

  1. Kanchipuram idli

This cuisine, which hails from the city known for its luxurious silk saris, is nutrient-dense. Urad dal and  The ingredients for Kanchipuram idli are the same as those for conventional idli: urad dal and steamed rice. However, the idli is made more easily digestible by the inclusion of spices such as mustard seeds, turmeric, and cumin seeds. For added nutrition, cashew nuts are used in the mix as well. To up the health factor, you may incorporate additional ragi flour into the mixture.

  1. Pasta with Palak Paneer

Our desi favourite visited Italy and came back with a new look. Our collection of nutritious lunch box recipes for kids had to include this dish because it is loaded with calcium, iron, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It's tasty enough to delight young taste buds while also being nutritious enough to pack a powerful punch. For a creamier, more genuine flavour, sprinkle some cheese on top of the meal.

  1. Minestrone

This hearty soup is loaded with vegetables and often asks for tomatoes, carrots, celery, peas, garlic, and beans, but you may adjust the recipe to use any vegetables you have on hand. This dish is comforting, warm, and full of minerals and vitamins, making it ideal for chilly winter evenings. You may make a whole meal by mixing cooked spaghetti into the soup.

  1. Vegetable and chickpea cutlets

A few of those secret healthy lunch box recipes for kids that entraps kids into consuming veggies is this one. This is the ideal lunchbox snacks because it has various vegetables and spices concealed between boiled chickpea batter and shallow frying. Combine it with little green chutney for an added nutritional boost and kick of flavour.

  1. Vegetable and millet dosa

The modest dosa may come in a variety of shapes, but it would always be high on the list of foods that are high in nutrients. Make your dosa using millet flour and you'll get a dish that is high in fibre in addition to all those healthy carbohydrates. For those priceless minerals and vitamins, end up serving them with your children's favourite vegetables.

  1. Cookies made with oats, bananas, and honey

Breakfast packed into a cookie! This simple recipe, which just calls for mashed bananas, oats, honey, and coconut oil, will be loved by the whole family. Make it into a wonderful, healthy, melt-in-your-mouth cookie by adding berries, nuts, as well as seeds.

  1. Brown rice with tofu in one pot

Brown rice is a good supply of vitamin B6 and minerals, while tofu is a great source of iron, calcium, as well as amino acids. You may make a dinner that is incredibly healthful by combining these with a variety of vegetables.

  1. The soy kheema paratha

Your household requires soya kheema tortilla as a lunch or snack because it's another meal that's delicious and healthful too. This dish is a flavorful and delicious source of vitamin K and protein. You are in nutrient paradise with some yoghurt as well as green chutney. Non-vegetarians could use chicken kheema in place of soy kheema. 

  1. Appam and Keralan stew

You can tell you're about to eat well when creamy, nutty, and vegetable-filled coconut milk steeps in puffy appam. You have all the delicious richness of veggies including the healthy carbohydrates to create a well-balanced lunch, and it's rich in lauric acid, which strengthens the immune system.