Terms and Conditions

 Enfagrow Children’s Day Campaign


This campaign is brought to you by “MEAD JOHNSON NUTRITION (INDIA) PVT LTD.”, being an existing company within the meaning of the Companies Act, 2013, having its registered office at 3rd Floor, Piramal Tower, Peninsula Corporate Park, G.K. Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013 (“the Company”).


By entering in Enfagrow Children’s Day Campaign (“the Campaign”), the participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and the decision of the decision committee of the Company (“Decision Committee”). The Company reserves its right to amend these terms and conditions or withdraw the Campaign anytime without notice and without being liable. No correspondence from the participants or otherwise in this regard will be entertained.


To participate in the Campaign, participants i.e. the parents need to share the drawings / paintings of their children (2-8-year-old) with the Company.


For the participation, the participants would share the following information along with their entry:

  1. Name
  2. Child's name
  3. Email
  4. Phone
  5. Child's age
  6. Location
  7. Child's Drawing/Painting

The entries alongwith the drawings/paintings should be submitted at The best entry would receive an iPad (“Gratification”). All the participants would also receive Enfashop discount coupons which would be valid on Enfagrow products only on the Enfashop website (


For terms and conditions of the Campaign please read the below points:


Terms and Conditions:


  1. Employees of the Company, its Affiliates, distributors, appointed agency/entity holding the Campaign, their families and immediate relatives are not eligible to participate in the Campaign.


  1. The Campaign is open and valid from 12th November, 2019 to 17th November, 2019 (“Campaign Period”), throughout India. The Campaign is valid for Indian nationals residing in India who are eighteen years of age or above and who are not legally ineligible to participate for any reason whatsoever.


  1. The participant must read and abide by all the terms and conditions before taking part in the Campaign. The participation in the Campaign shall imply that participant has read through and agreed to adhere to the terms and conditions in totality and be bound by them and that his/her participation in the Campaign is at the participant's sole risk and is governed by the terms and conditions herein.


  1. Any incomplete, indecipherable, entry /submission by a participant is liable to be rejected without assigning any reason thereof. Any decision taken by the decision committee for rejecting any entry shall be final and binding and not subject to any dispute.


  1. By participating in the Campaign, each participant represents and warrants that:
  • He/she is legally competent to enter into binding contracts under applicable laws
  • He/she consents to be bound by these terms and conditions
  • He/she agrees to supply or provide it’s and it’s child’s personal details including their name, age, state, city, address, phone number, etc., and undertake that the same is true, correct, accurate and complete in all respects and consents for use of the same by the Company in relation to the Campaign
  • The participant is authorized to provide such information and consents to the use of such information by the Company
  • Participants agree to receive communication(s) from the Company relating to the Campaign and unconditionally agree not to make any claim or raise any complaint against the Company in this respect.


  1. The Decision Committee shall select the most creative entry as the winning entry as per their sole discretion, which decision shall be final, binding and non – challengeable and cannot be changed in any manner or before any authority, regulatory, legal or otherwise, whatsoever. The winner participant would receive an iPad (“Gratification”). The Prize will be shipped to the winner by the Company. All the participants would also receive Enfashop discount coupons which would be valid on Enfagrow products only on the Enfashop website (


  1. The winner participant shall be intimated about the decision of the Company and/or further details related to the Campaign through SMS/Email or on their email id, mobile number or address, as the case may be, by not later than 22 November, 2019. However, there shall be no liability on the Company in the event such intimation/ mail does not reach such participants on any account whatsoever.


  1. In the event that a winner is unreachable within 2 working days, ineligible, or fails to claim the Gratification in the time required, the Company shall forfeit their Gratification.


  1. Participation in the Campaign is discretionary and no purchase of product or no participation or other fee is required for participation.


  1. Any participant found using any unfair or illegal means will be immediately disqualified.


  1. Participants can make more than one entry. However, if more than one entry of a single participant is chosen for Gratification, only one such entry shall be considered to the exclusion of others and selection of the Decision Committee in this regard shall be final, binding and non – challengeable. Participants of the Campaign cannot make entries in name of any person other than themselves, regardless of whether or not the participant has submitted his/her own entry.


  1. Gratification and discount coupons under the Campaign shall not be transferable. Mere participation in the Campaign shall not entitle a participant to the Gratification. No other person or agent can claim Gratification and discount coupons on behalf of the participant.


  1. The entries found to be plagiarized, copied, modified or otherwise treated with 'wrongful intent' will be disqualified without further reference. Entries found to have illegal or offensive content will also be disqualified without further reference and the participants shall be solely liable for any consequences arising therefrom.


  1. The Company does not make any commitment, express or implied, to respond to any feedback, suggestion and, or, queries of the participants or furnish reasons for inclusion and, or, exclusion of any particular Entry of the participant at any stage.


  1. In case of any copyright violations or any damages arising out of the entries submitted as part of the Campaign, the onus, responsibility and consequences thereof shall be on the participant.


  1. The Company shall not be responsible in any manner to any one including the participants for any unauthorized use or misuse of any of the entries for reasons beyond the Company’s control.


  1. At its sole discretion, the Company reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or postpone the Campaign or the Gratification without giving any reason or communication, including due to any Force Majeure conditions or otherwise and the Company shall bear no responsibility for such cancellation or postponement of the Campaign.


  1. Subject to any applicable laws
    (a) All warranties, whether express or implied, are hereby expressly disclaimed by the Company and/ or its Affiliates, directors, officers, partners, employees, consultants, agents etc. under the Campaign and/or all things connected to the Campaign;
    (b) No advice or information whether by representations, oral, written, illustrative or pictographic derived through the Campaign or otherwise shall be construed to mean the giving of any warranty of any kind by the Company or its Affiliates, directors, officers, partners, employees, consultants, agents etc. under the Campaign or any transactions effected through the Campaign.


  1. All entries of the Campaign shall be submitted at by the participants and no communication by any other mode will be valid and/or considered for registration for this Campaign.


  1. By submitting the entries along with their information, the participants give their express consent for their information and entries to be used by the Company anytime for purposes of promotion of the brands by the Company and revoke their right to bringing any claims against the Company.


  1. Subject to applicable laws, participants agree that all their entries, videos, photos shall be property of the Company, and carry it’s copyright and shall not be open to any copyright claims.


  1. The Company may use, reproduce, edit, display, transmit, prepare derivative works of, modify, publish, and otherwise make use of the entries or participant’s or winner’s entry, names, images, video footage, voices and/or likeness by the Company, in any and all media, whether now known or hereinafter created throughout the world and for promotion of it’s brands, without any compensation being due, except where prohibited by law.


  1. The winner shall be subject to verification, including without limitation, verification of eligibility through checks as deemed appropriate by the Company and complete compliance with these Terms and Conditions; the Company reserves the right to verify the winner’s details either on its own or through its agencies or authorized persons, and the winner shall provide all necessary assistance in such verification. In exercising this right, the Company may ask the winner to provide any document or other form of evidence, and if evidence does not establish the same, then the Company, in its sole discretion, shall have the right to disqualify the winner.


  1. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that their personal details are always updated and accurate in order to be able to receive the information/notification from the Company in time. Winner’s consent to being contacted on their email id, mobile number, address or social media account, as the case may be, for the purposes of the Campaign. The Company will not be responsible for any loss or delay in delivery of communication due to incomplete/ incorrect address provided by the selected participants, technological failure, or for the fault of third party responsible for such intimation.


  1. The Company reserves the right:
    (a) to disqualify any participant /winner if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the participant /winner has breached any of these terms and conditions.
    (b) to decide whether a replacement participant should be selected in the event any participant is disqualified from the Campaign.
  1. Few illustrative grounds of disqualification of the winner are as under:
    a) Entries submitted that do not meet the above stated requirements shall automatically be disqualified and will not be considered a valid entry to be considered as part of the Campaign.
    b) If the winner cannot be reached after 3 phone calls have been made to notify the winner of their Gratification, the winner forfeits the rights to the Gratification.
    c) The winner must expressly state their availability and consent to receive Gratification upon selection. If, for any reason whatsoever, they may not be able to participate, it must be communicated to the Company as soon as possible.


  1. The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss (including but not limited to any indirect or consequential loss) arising from personal injury or death, or loss of, or damage to property, which might be suffered or sustained in connection with the Campaign or arising out of travel or anything in relation thereto, except any liability not excluded by law


  1. The Gratification and discount coupons are not for sale or resale, non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged / redeemed for any other item. Further, apart from entitlement to the Gratification, the winner shall have no other rights or claim against the Company.


  1. Nothing in the Campaign shall affect any intellectual property rights of the Company in any product, which may be the subject matter of the Campaign.


  1. This Campaign is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The information provided for this Campaign shall be available on the social media platforms.


  1. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency regarding any instructions, rules and conditions on any advertising or promotional material relating to the Campaign, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail over all such other instructions, rules and conditions.


  1. The Terms and Conditions of the Campaign are governed in accordance with the laws of India. All disputes in regard to the Campaign shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts in New Delhi alone.